A Chatham woman who was reunited with the ambulance crews who saved her life, is calling for more people to learn CPR and first aid.

Sue Ross, 60, called 999 when suffering from chest pain on 1 October 2017. First to attend was SECAmb paramedic Ed Hyson who was quick to spot that Sue was clearly unwell and that he required back up from colleagues.

However, as Ed carried out initial assessments, Sue collapsed in cardiac arrest and required two shocks with a defibrillator to restart her heart.

With back up arriving including Critical Care Paramedic Dave Hawkins and Operational Team Leader Andrea McLean, Sue was given further treatment and readied for transport to Medway Maritime Hospital.

Former charity CEO Sue, who now works as a GP receptionist, visited Medway Ambulance Station recently to thank the SECAmb team in person and is now calling for more people to sign up to learn CPR and basic first aid.

Mother of two and grandmother of five, Sue said: “I’m just so grateful for everything everyone did and I wanted to say thank you in person. I’d had an operation a few weeks before I collapsed and they think I had a blood clot which led to my cardiac arrest. I think it’s really important for people to understand how to perform CPR. My daughter used to be a nurse and now teaches first aid so we organised an event where 15 or so of our friends came over and learnt CPR. Everyone should know what to do.”

Sue’s husband Malcolm added: “It’s thanks to Ed and his colleagues that Sue is here today. It’s just a really big thank you to everyone who attended on the day. I can’t thank them enough. I too think it’s important that everyone takes the time to learn CPR. We were very lucky that Ed was there to act immediately but it’s important to realise that anyone can start chest compressions to help save someone’s life.”

Ed said: “It was lovely to see Sue and see someone being so positive about spreading the importance of CPR. It’s really nice to see someone fully recovered as often we don’t know what happened after we’ve taken someone to hospital.”

Dave added: “It’s great to meet people who have benefitted from our service. Ed did a great job prior to the rest of us arriving as back up. On behalf of everyone I’d like to thank Sue and Malcolm for taking the time to come and see us and wish them and their family all the very best for the future.”