An Isle of Wight woman’s fundraising mission has brought a potentially life-saving defibrillator to Sandown.

With both of her parents living with heart conditions, and her dad having suffered a cardiac arrest, Zoe Ameson decided it was time to take action.

Every year Zoe rallies her friends and colleagues together for the Army V Navy rugby match at Twickenham, and last year she decided to turn it into an epic fundraiser.

Zoe told Isle of Wight Radio:

“I had 52 friends and colleagues that all landed on the coach last year, and off to Twickenham we went. Along the way we held raffles and basically raided friends and family for money, in aid of purchasing it. The guys here kindly donated the final £250 that I was desperately after, so a massive thanks to them.”

Thanks to Zoe’s fundraising and a dose of kind donations, a defibrillator was unveiled at Cheverton Copse Holiday Park, just past Sandown Airport.

She added:

“It’s something I was quite passionate about and still am. I think it’s really important that people firstly learn how to do CPR in case it happens. I can happen to anybody – fit or not. Secondly these things are vital to get out into the community in case it does happen.”

Councillor for Arreton and Newchurch, Clare Mosdell added:

“I think it’s absolutely fantastic. I grew up down the road from here so I know how important it is and how busy this park is.

“Having seen one of our members at County Hall having an incident recently and having chivvied everyone up to get a defib at county hall I think we should have them all over. This is such a vital piece of equipment – it does save lives.”

Andy Haslin from Cheverton Copse Holiday Park said:

“We had an old, redundant phone box on the park which wasn’t used anymore so when we were approached by Zoe and we thought it was just a great place to try and refurb it and house the defib along with a first aid kit and some fire extinguishers. It’s a great asset for the area.

“Obviously we’ve got the airfield just over the way as well but in the peak of the season we’ve got quite a lot of people on site and a lot of walkers because we’re right in the middle of bridleways as well so it’s just perfectly placed really – ticks all the boxes.”