A DOCTOR had to perform life-saving CPR on her partner when he collapsed on their first date together.

Andi Traynor, 45, was strolling along the beach in California with new boyfriend Max Montgomery after a morning of surfing.

But to her shock, as the 56-year-old carried the surfboards from the water, he suddenly fell to the ground.

‘I immediately ran over to him and turned him over,’ said Ms Traynor, an anaesthesiologist.

‘He wasn’t responding and he didn’t have a pulse.’

Ms Traynor — who had not even kissed her new flame at that stage — started CPR and ‘called for help’.

A nurse who was passing helped and within minutes an ambulance crew arrived on Capitola Beach in Santa Cruz. Ms Traynor said: ‘They gave him three shocks which didn’t work. When they took him away, I didn’t know if he was going to live.’

Mr Montgomery was revived with a defibrillator on route to hospital, where doctors diagnosed he’d had a heart attack. The following day he underwent bypass surgery.

Ten months on, the tech content creator is back to full health — and the couple are still going strong.

Ms Traynor, of Palo Alto, said: ‘Two days before our first date, Max told me he had a crush on me. We’d been friends for a while and I was really interested in spending some more time together.

‘He suggested we go surfing and we had such a wonderful time.’

She added: ‘A few weeks after his surgery he was recuperating and we were on the beach just talking.

‘I said, “You can kiss me for real now.”’

The drama was filmed by a composer making a time-lapse video which the couple are using to raise awareness of CPR through their non-profit initiative Paddle4Good.