LITTLE did mum Nicola Fox know that she would be calling upon her first aid training just days after completing it to save her son’s life.

Now Nicola, aged 34, is urging everyone to learn basic first-aid skills this year.

The mum, who is from Harwood, undertook her first-aid re-qualification at All Saints Primary School recently not knowing that her life-saving skills would be put to the very best use just days later.

Her son, George, aged two, found a 1p coin and, unseen by his mum, popped it into his mouth.

A few minutes later as Nicola laid him on his back to change his nappy he started to choke on the coin.

With George becoming very distressed, Nicola said she knew she needed to stay calm and put her training into practice.

Nicola, a teacher who now lives and works in Stockport, added: "I am just so glad I had the first-aid skills needed to help George at a crucial time. First aid is such a basic skill but it can have a massive impact and I’d encourage everyone to learn.

"Training took place through work where all staff receive regular first aid training."

" I wasn't too scared because I knew, from the training, that the noises he was making indicated that the airway wasn't fully blocked and air was getting in. I also had my own dad with me to watch as I delivered the back slaps."

"It all happened very quickly but I did feel that I didn't panic as much as I would have imagined which I can only attribute to the recent training."

She picked up George and gave him a sharp and firm back slap and the coin shot out.

George’s grandad was downstairs waiting to take George for a sleepover and ran upstairs after hearing Nicola shout.

Steve James, who lives in Harwood, said: "Nicola didn’t panic at all, she stayed really calm and just whacked George on the back. Even with his limited vocabulary, George managed to say ‘happy now’ to his nana later when she asked him what had happened.”

Graham Ellis, from St John Ambulance said: "Learning first-aid is one of the single most important things you can do in your life.

You never know when you may need it — at work, at home, in school, playing sport — you just don’t know.

With basic first-aid skills, anyone can be the difference between a life lost and a life saved and we’d really like everyone to take the opportunity as we head into 2018 to do something to learn first aid."

"We hear stories like Nicola’s all the time and thank goodness she had the skills to help George when he really needed it.

Now is the time to stop putting things off – do something today to learn some basic first-aid, there really is no greater feeling than knowing you have the skills, and confidence, to really make a difference when it matters most."