MORLEY Woodley age 6, Jacob Godden age 11 and Bailey Mcilroy age 6 created the ‘Cousin Trail’ and their project for the summer holidays was to practice riding their bikes along the trail in order to achieve the BIG ride at the end of the holidays to raise money towards having a defibrillator built into a disused phone box at Bodieve in Wadebridge.

Morley and Bailey’s Grandad, Shawn Mcilroy, died in 2015 of a heart attack and since then they have been keen to help others who have poorly hearts. Initially the kids thought they could ask their grandparents and close friends for a few pounds so they could achieve raising pennies for their chosen charity, after setting up a crowdfunding page online the popularity of this idea escalated and between them they have raised a staggering £555! We as parents are so proud of their achievement and we wanted to share their success.

Chevi Mcilroy and Gemma Godden