Basic Life Support involves performing chest compressions and rescue breaths. By performing chest compressions you are pushing blood around the body, and rescue breaths push oxygen into the lungs. This process keeps the vital organs supplied with blood until professional help arrives.

This is essential life saving training for all those working in the care sector and forms one of the standards of the care certificate.

We can come and deliver this course at your work setting where you will have the flexibility of starting the course as early as you would like or alternatively you can request a later start on a date of your choice that suits you and your staff.

Assessment: You will be required to successfully complete practical skills to qualify for your certificate.

This First Aid course has a mix of theory and practical elements. You will be required to kneel on the floor for some of the practical elements.

If you have any concerns about your ability to complete this element please contact us to discuss.

This course is most suited to:

This course is aimed at all employees that work within the Care Sector.

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