Pulse First Aid Ltd is committed to delivering a high quality training experience for all learners and clients to enjoy.

We encourage and welcome feedback from those who attend our training so we can evaluate what we do well and what may require improvement.

Pulse First Aid Ltd are dedicated to ensuring that any suggestions for improvement are dealt with quickly and effectively.  

Our Aim

  • To listen, investigate and seek fair resolution to any complaint received without prejudice or victimisation of the complainant.
  • To resolve any complaint promptly at an early informal stage.
  • To provide a procedure for learners and clients to complain or appeal about a decision or any action taken by Pulse First Aid Ltd, its employees, trainers or any of its representatives.
  • To ensure all staff are aware of the Complaints and Appeals procedure.



All complaints will be dealt with sensitively, professionally and in the strictest of confidence and will not affect your rights as an individual. 

1. Informal complaint

At the end of the course, students will be issued with an evaluation form to complete where they may make comment on the course content and delivery given by the course instructor. These are all checked back in the office and analysed for anything that may fall below the expected standards. Pulse First Aid Ltd take this seriously and work to improve anything that may have fallen below the standards expected. 

You may have a minor complaint where you feel it may be better to talk to the trainer taking a private but direct approach.

If the complaint is something to do with the training room i.e heating, lighting etc. the trainer will in the first instance try to resolve the issue with the venue manager. If the outcome from this is unsatisfactory then the issue will be reported back to the Pulse First Aid Ltd Assistant to the Director, who will take further action to resolve this.

If the complaints form is being completed by the trainer it will be returned to the office where it will be logged and actioned where necessary.

If you feel, the outcome is to your satisfaction the complaint will stop there and the only documentation will be from the trainer to the office using the complaints form.

It is usual that any complaints are dealt with informally.

2. Formal Complaint

You may feel the issue is something that you do not wish to discuss with the trainer or because you were not satisfied with the solution offered by the trainer in the first instance. You should then complete the complaints form and return to the Pulse First Aid Ltd office by post or e mail along with any additional evidence or information. Any complaints should be made in the first instance or within 12 weeks following the incident.

If you feel that you can no longer attend the teaching sessions because of your complaint, please speak to the trainer immediately. If your complaint is with them directly, please contact the Pulse First Aid Ltd office immediately on the number below.

Please note: It is important that the trainer knows exactly where all of the pupils are at all times during the training sessions.

Your complaint will be logged along with the details and passed to the Assistant to the Director. You will receive a response within 5 working days explaining the procedure we will take towards resolving your complaint. An investigation will follow and a full response will be given within 10 working days. If in an exceptional case 20 working days is not a realistic time frame to resolve the issue the time frame will be revised and the complainant will be notified.

Pulse First Aid Ltd in relation to any issue being brought to our attention will:

  • Log the complaint on our system
  • Investigate the complaint which may involve obtaining statements from any witnesses and the trainer.
  • Take into consideration all the information, evidence and circumstances to come to a conclusion. We will then either take steps to make changes to avoid a similar problem arising in agreement with the complainant or dismiss the complaint as unfounded by stating the reasons why.
  • Any complaints or appeals will be held on our system and reviewed at quarterly meetings. If any changes, improvements or training are identified following this review, we will take the necessary steps to achieve this.


If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation they may appeal within 10 days of response letter to the Managing Director.

The complainant should state the reasons for their dissatisfaction and explain what action they feel should be taken to resolve the issue.

The Managing Director will either uphold the original decision, recommend steps that could be taken to avoid a similar issue arising again in the future, invite the complainant to attend an appeals hearing.

The Managing Director will confirm the outcome of the Appeal within 10 working days of the hearing date.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied with the outcome the complainant will be required to contact:

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