A lot of the time New Year’s resolutions can be a bit too ambitious. And, when you’re a busy parent they can be impossible to keep.

But, these super-simple New Year’s resolutions are easy to adopt and could save a child’s life.

1. Fit blind cord safety devices

In just 15 seconds a young child can lose consciousness if they get tangled in a blind cord. They can stop breathing in 2-3 minutes. Yet something as simple as a £1 cleat hook and some strong adhesive can help to stop that happening.

Please take a moment to check that any blind cords in your home have suitable safety devices. These include cleat hooks, tidies or tensioners.

If there isn’t one fitted, fit one yourself or you could ask a friend or relative to help. Here’s how.

If drilling into the wall is a problem you can use a strong adhesive, just make sure you’re satisfied that it’s securely attached.

And, remember that small children love to climb and can often get higher than you think. So, where possible, move furniture away from cords and chains.

Learn more about blind cord safety

2. Do a button battery hunt

If your child swallows a button battery, the damage can be life-altering or even fatal. So, it’s important you know where they are in your home. And, now is the perfect time for a quick search.

Since Christmas you’ve likely had lots of new products and toys come into the house which button batteries may power. Perhaps some presents even came with spare batteries that are now loose and need a safe home?


  • Check that battery compartments in toys are secure
  • Keep household products with easy to access batteries out of reach of children
  • Watch out for loose spare batteries in open packets or sent with new products
  • Keep flat batteries out of reach and recycle them as soon as you can

Then, make a commitment to continue to #BeBatteryAware by always storing them safely and checking any new products that come into your home.

Download our free button battery poster to help your search.

3. Set a recurring reminder to test your smoke alarms

With busy family life, it can be hard to get into the habit of testing your smoke alarms (monthly is best) but it really only takes seconds to do and it could just save you and your loved ones’ lives.

You are 8 times more likely to die from a fire if you don’t have a working smoke alarm in your house.

Smoke alarms are especially important if a fire starts at night. You may think you’ll smell the smoke and wake up. But in fact breathing in the thick, black smoke from a fire can kill people so quickly that they never wake up. Smoke alarms give you the vital minutes you need to get out before your home is filled with smoke.

That’s why you should set a recurring reminder to test your smoke alarm. And, whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to test your carbon monoxide detectors too.

Fore more information from Child Accident Prevention Trust, please click here.