Our group courses are designed for up to 15 people, we can come to your workplace to deliver this training. This course is designed to provide both the theoretical and real-life experience on how to tackle a fire using a Fire Extinguisher.

Experienced and qualified trainers will discuss the range of Fire Extinguisher types that are available, their key differences, and when/why each type is only suitable for specific fire types. We will cover CO2, Foam, Powder (Including Class D), Water, Water-Additive, Water-Mist & Wet Chemical. 

Learners will have the opportunity to active the extinguishers so they can get a real experience of how much they weigh and how to activate quickly, effectively and safely.

This course would greatly benefit any employee at any level within the business. Upon completion of the course learners will be able to correctly identify fire hazards, what to do in the event of a fire incident and the various classification of fire extinguishers and on what type of fire they should be used.

The incorrect operation of, or use of the wrong equipment can be ineffective or in the worst case can make matters worse. Learners will be equipped with the knowledge of how to correctly use extinguishers and fire blankets during a live practical session with the choice of ‘live fire’ experience.

This course is most suited to:

The course is suitable for all employees as the course aims are to equip them with an in-depth knowledge of fire extinguishers, their correct use and on what types of fire each extinguisher should and shouldn’t be used. The course would be especially beneficial for employees working in industries and environments where the risk of fire is higher.

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Very good also very informative.
Michael Harris, Cellecta

Practical Fire Extinguisher Training in September 2023