Learning first aid is an invaluable life-skill. It helps children become more risk aware and equips them with skills to keep themselves safe and help themselves or others if involved in a medical emergency.

This comprehensive 3hr course is taught at a level suitable for younger children.

Those that attend will learn why it is important to try and help someone.

They will learn when and when not to call an ambulance, what to expect if you do call for an ambulance, hazards that can cause accidents, how CPR is performed and what to do if someone is breathing but not responsive.

There will be the opportunity to try CPR on a manikin should they want to.

The children will have some fun worksheets to complete with the trainer and card games with different scenarios on so they can contemplate, with guidance from the trainer, what they could do to help in different types of emergencies.

This course is most suited to:

All primary school children in Key Stage 2.

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What people say about this course

Excellent course and the children enjoyed it.
L Taljaard, Canterbury Road Primary School

First Aid for Primary School Children in November 2022