Learning first aid is an invaluable life-skill. It helps children become more risk aware and equips them with skills to keep themselves safe and help themselves or others if involved in a medical emergency.

This course is taught at a level which is appropriate and comprehensive for Secondary school children, giving them the knowledge and confidence to respond in an emergency situation should it arise.

On completion of the course students will be able to understand the meaning of ‘first aid’, know when it is safe to help someone, have the confidence to know when to call for an ambulance, have an understanding of CPR and recovery position along with learning about conditions such as Asthma.

Advantages of taking part in a first aid course:

  • Improves your C.V, ideal for weekend job applications
  • Looks good on your Personal statement for University applications
  • Improves your Risk Awareness
  • An Essential skill to have for babysitting


This course is most suited to:

This course is designed for all Secondary school children. 

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